Establishing a great workplace culture within your business is instrumental to your business’ long-term success. A company culture is created when business values are represented through shared assumptions and norms amongst your employees.

This can make your business an employer of choice amongst prospective talent, as well as increase employee retention, productivity, and morale. We have compiled a list of tips you can start implementing to improve the culture within your business.

Identify What You Want Your Internal Values And Culture To Look Like

To create a great workplace culture, you need to be clear on why you exist, what you believe in, and what you want your business’ future to be. This needs to be communicated to all employees and you must ensure that everyone is on board with your vision so that they can work towards it.

Your employees will feel more fulfilled if they know the why behind their work and what future they are working towards, which will in turn improve the workplace culture.


Hire For Culture Fit

You can always train employees to increase their skill level, but oftentimes you can’t improve their fit for the workplace culture. Screen all future employees to make sure they have similar values to your business and will be a good fit for the team.

Each new employee should add to the culture by bringing their own thoughts and experiences that enriches the working environment and quality of work output. For example, if your employees have low energy, hire someone with a personality that will motivate and engage them whilst still retaining similar values.


Find Ways To Reinforce And Live Your Values

Your business’ values don’t mean anything if they are written down once and not thought about again. You need to live your values and make them an intrinsic part of your work environment. Some examples of how you can live your values include:

  • If you value open communication, hold plenty of meetings and implement two-way feedback channels.
  • If you value the wellbeing of your staff, send them out on a 15min walk once a day to support their physical and mental health.
  • If you value work-life balance, give your staff the flexibility to fit their work schedule around their personal life.

Recognise And Reward Your Employee’s Achievements

A little appreciation goes a long way; therefore, it is important to reward your employees when they achieve something great or have been working very hard. Showing appreciation for your employees can make them feel good about themselves and increase morale, which ultimately improves the workplace culture.

As a bonus, rewarding good work can also motivate other employees to rise to the level of your top performers.


Create A Culture Of Respect

Perhaps the most essential aspect of a great workplace culture is that everyone is treated with respect. Every employee – from the intern to the CEO – should feel valued and like their ideas are heard. If you give every employee the ability to share their thoughts, they may end up providing you with an excellent new idea for your business.

Ultimately, it is important that everyone treats others with the same respect they would like to be treated with.

A great workplace culture can allow you to craft a strong team of employees that are great at what they do and enjoy coming to work every day. Not only will this lead to a more productive and motivated team, but they will be more invested in your business’ success.

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