Can a business owner start and run a business without social media? Yes, absolutely! When it comes to marketing, using social media is certainly one option. But it’s not the only option. There are plenty of other things you can try that are just as effective.

In fact, some businesses may actually do much better with these methods than they would with social media. Here are six alternative ways to build a business that don’t involve social media.

The Power of Email Newsletters

Unlike social media, the best thing about an email list is that business owners actually own it! By having the audiences email address, it’s simple to get in contact with them when needed (unless they unsubscribe). Email marketing is more straight forward than social media.

Businesses can ask customers if they would like to be on their email list; then send them information about new products, keep them up-to date about company happenings, and offer coupons and other special offers.


Blogging Consistently

Blogging allows businesses to communicate what they offer and how they can help their audience. An insightful way to showcase a company’s expertise is to create a blog on the businesses website or blog for other people.

Simply write a list of all the topics that could be written about and then divide each of those into a list of sub-topics. They can be areas where clients have issues with topics, they need help with or would like to achieve.

Businesses can even go a step further and create a video blog if they prefer vlogging instead.


SEO Is A Tried And True Way

For successful SEO, businesses need good website content that ranks well with the appropriate words or phrases when they search online. Ideally, every page on a website should be optimized for search, not just blogs.

To make this work, it’s important to understand what keywords are. Then businesses can write about related topics, making sure to include keywords in the title tags, headings, subheadings, and content. Just be careful to avoid keyword overuse and instead, just sprinkle them naturally through.

This will ensure that search engines can find it and show it to the right audience.

Google Reviews And Testimonials

Here is a fun fact! Over 60% of customers will check Google Reviews before they visit a business. That is simply because people want social proof and reassurance that a business is reliable, genuine and right for them. If businesses can build up some glowing reviews on Google, it will certainly drive more traffic there way.

It can be challenging to get customers to leave a review, mainly due to everyone living such busy lifestyles. However, with some focused effort – a collection of great reviews may result in more traffic and sales in the near future.


Offer Free Branded Stuff

It’s a common thing for business owners to attend events and pick free pens, rulers, water bottles and much more! These branded free items are an effective way of keeping a business’s name in front of customers. Think of it this way, every time someone picks up a pen with a branded name on it, they will think of that company.

No need to keep the free stuff to just pens, there are many different items a business can personalize. These items are often available for little money, especially when they are purchased in bulk.


Build Your Referral Partners List

Another important way to market a business without worrying about social media is to look at referral partners to work alongside. Businesses can start by making a list of potential partners that cross over with their own industry.

Companies can meet up with referral partners over coffee and drop some flyers off to them when discussing how working together with reciprocate both parties. It would also be beneficial for businesses to add them to their email newsletter to pass on any upcoming events or happenings that might be of interest to their own client base.


Signage To Draw Traffic In

Businesses first point of contact is their physical location, whether that be online or in person. By looking around and making a list of things a company can do to bring more awareness is always a powerful idea.

This could include having a sandwich board, a prominent business sign or something else that sits out the front and directs traffic. If it’s bold and easy to see, it will bring in brand awareness.

If businesses find that traditional marketing methods aren’t getting as much attention, try changing things up. Redesign a logo, change the colours of flyers or brochures. Try something different. Fresh, updated content is a great way of getting more attention.

While it’s true that social media can help, it’s not the be-all, end-all of marketing, and there’s nothing wrong with using other methods. If done currently, these other methods can bring in just as many customers.

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