LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world, spanning globally to over 200 countries and territories and with over 950 million members, getting started and learning how to harness LinkedIn’s potential for your business can further your business growth.


Getting Started on LinkedIn

After signing up to LinkedIn you need to complete your profile. To establish the credibility of your business within the LinkedIn community, setting up and filling out the different sections of your profile are crucial. Completing the about tab, adding your logo, adding a cover image, and sharing your business details furthers your businesses searchability. Following employees, coworkers, businesses, personal connections, and influencers or pages you admire increases business reach through building connections and networking. Posting consistently and sharing engaging content that aligns with your businesses vision, values, mission is key to gaining and keeping followers and to establishing your positioning within industry and the market.


Utilising LinkedIn for Success

Understanding the functionalities of LinkedIn such as posting, making connections, commenting, and networking is key to boosting engagement and increasing the reach of your business. After all, LinkedIn was made to allow professionals, businesses and organisations to connect to further their productivity and success.

Connecting with people you know and people or businesses that you admire, are inspired by, and those who share similar visions and values furthers your businesses network. Building your network helps you to understand what is happening within your professional circle and industry. Networking is one of the main benefits on LinkedIn as you can connect with businesses, potential business partners and influencers that can share your businesses profile to their network. Connecting and networking significantly increases the reach of your business and expands your audience.

Posting is crucial to keeping the audience your business has gained and to further grow your audience. Sharing engaging and informative content about your business is key to showcasing what your business has to offer. Re-posting content that aligns with your businesses visions and values or content that you wish to bring attention to or celebrate can expand your audience and can further carry your businesses mission across. Commenting and reacting to other people’s posts such as those within your audience and those who you wish to work with builds stronger connections. Staying active on LinkedIn allows opportunity for growth and there are many different ways to be active.


LinkedIn as a Tool

LinkedIn is a fairly simple to use platform that has a range of functionalities to further grow your business. You can optimise your profile to create network opportunities, increase brand visibility, foster business relationships and partnerships, and leverage the platform for effective marketing.


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