The Meta Suite, consisting of Facebook and Instagram, is one of the more effective ways to promote your business. Learning how to handle the complexities of the Meta Ads Manager will give your business a new opportunity to thrive with the opportunity to create successful campaigns.


Social Media Advertising

Meet your audience where they are, on social media! With the range of social media platforms and the large number of people on them, your business is able to advertise in a way that suits the platform and targets a larger number of new and existing customers.

Advertising on social media can drive engagement, boost connection with customers, increase your businesses reach, drive more traffic to your website, and more. Promoting your business through the Meta Suite, in particular, means you are able to connect with new and existing customers by having your advertisements appear in their Feeds and Reels. With the Meta Ads Manager and Business profile option you are able to gain real-time insights on your campaign performance allowing you to tailor your advertisements to get the best outcomes.


What is Meta?

Facebook and Instagram make up the Meta Suite and are some of the more popular social media platforms for businesses, especially when it comes to the promotion of your business. As these platforms are linked through the Meta Suite you are able to utilise the Meta Ads Manager to create ads, manage when and where they will run, and track their performance to name a few. Although the ability to do all this from one place is helpful, it can also be overwhelming with the number of dashboards and options available for you.


Navigating Meta Ads Manager

Knowing what your business goals are and what you want to achieve with your advertisements and campaigns are the key to gaining success. The Meta Ads Manager provides you with the ability to create campaigns, choose your target audiences and create social advertisements to promote your business. You have the option to choose the duration and budget of your campaigns and can then review the performance of your campaigns by looking at the metrics.


Understanding how to use the Meta Ads Manager for your business profiles in the Meta Suite will give you the opportunity to create successful advertising campaigns that reach your customers, generate leads, and further build your brand online.

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