The rise of short-form content, specifically video content, is highlighting the need to appear authentic as a business to drive and deepen the connection with your current and future clients.


Short-Form Content

Short-form content has become more favourable for social media platforms due to the limitations of post lengths and the attention spans of people. The Meta Suite which includes Facebook and Instagram are two of the more popular social media platforms for businesses due to the dashboards tailored to measure business performance analytics and the range of post types available, such as video and photo posts, stories, livestreams and written captions. Each of which have a maximum time, size or word count. Therefore, the importance of creating a captivating and intriguing post that grabs your audience’s attention in the first few seconds is crucial for gaining views and basic interaction, but the ability to showcase authenticity is important in driving connection through personalisation of experience for your current and future clients.

People use social media to escape from the text-based information around them and instead want to know everything important about something in a matter of seconds or minutes. The use of short-form video content is a fantastic way to help your business stand out, capture your audience and be authentic in the crowd of image-based and word-heavy posts.


Personalisation of Experience

Much like walking into a physical business, the need for face-to-face or human interaction is something that should be considered for your social media marketing strategy to bring a sense of personalisation to the experience of your clients. Being able to see someone from the business is a key driving factor in creating connection and trust, deepening brand loyalty within clients and building long-term clients. Afterall it is easier to find trust in a human than just a screen.

Not only is video content personal to your audience but it is personal to the platform you are using. Social media platforms act as a bridge for your business so tailoring your content to draw people to your business is key.


Creating Authentic Video Content

Becoming confident in-front of the camera to create captivating video content will open your business up to a whole new range of possibilities for your social media strategy as there is much you can do with video content such as reviews, about the business, behind the scenes, tutorials, and more!

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