The International Day of People With Disabilities falls on the 3rd of December each year to increase public awareness of the issues, promote acceptance, and celebrate the achievements of people with disabilities.

Established by the United Nations, the International Day of People With Disabilities has occurred annually since 1992.

This year’s theme is “Fighting for rights in the post-COVID era” and reflects on the challenges that people with disabilities face as one of the most affected populations in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whilst people have suffered worldwide as a result of the pandemic, people with disabilities faced amplified challenges including reduced access to healthcare and rehabilitation services, increased social isolation, poor public health messaging, poor mental health services, and more.

To support people with disabilities, we have run several workshops over the past year that encourage people to start businesses in the NDIS sector.

We have helped provide the knowledge and tools to start a successful NDIS business, or pivot business operations to become more accessible to people with disabilities

Last month, we also hosted a NEIS Business Showcase which brought together some of our NEIS clients and NDIS Support Coordinators to discuss the gaps in service availability for NDIS clients and how our NEIS businesses can fill these gaps.

This event provided a great opportunity for NDIS Support Coordinators to find small businesses that can offer value to their clients and voice their needs for the NDIS service availability.

Our NEIS businesses also benefited from learning where the opportunities are in the market and gained valuable feedback on how to make their offerings more accessible.

In celebration of International Day of People With Disabilities, we would like to showcase one of our former NEIS clients who is helping people with disabilities feel more fashionable and comfortable.


Shirilee Jurgens is the founder of SewAble, a local and eco-conscious adaptive alteration, repair and upcycle service.

With many people close to her living with disabilities, Shirilee become aware of the restrictions in choice and style for adaptive clothing for people with mobility or sensory challenges.

Using her 45 years of sewing experience, Shirilee decided to start a business that develops appropriate high street style clothing that can safely meet the needs of people with disabilities.

SewAble is now an NDIS Service Provider that can alter, repair, and upcycle clothing to become more accessible to people with disabilities whilst still aligning with the client’s individual style. To find out more about SewAble, visit their website here.

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