When we believe we are deserving of greatness, even the tiniest shift in perspective can allow us to see new possibilities and chances.

It’s so important to shift mindset to see the world and everything in it as a never-ending opportunity to learn. Because, when we do, we’re far more likely future-proof our skills and expertise.

Here are a few ways to open the doors to new experiences and opportunities.

Realise No-One Is Watching You

When we try new things or get out of our confront zone, we tend to think that everyone is watching us. With this notion in mind, this can lead to us feeling intimidated and distracts our focus.

With practice and never giving into your distractions, you’ll be able to overcome this feeling to participate in your new activity or project with better confidence. When you feel your mind start to play games with you, take control of your mind and tell yourself that you are not being watched!


Stop The Negative Self Talk

What is one way to halt your progress and growth in life? Talk or think negatively about yourself. Statements like “I can’t do that”, “I’m not good at that”, or “I’ll never be able to have that” will only hinder you and continue to persuade you into thinking that you are not deserving or worthy.

You won’t be able to develop the mindset you need to grow as a person and business owner. Tell yourself that you can do it. You can do your best, and you can succeed.

The Power Is Yours

Your power lies in what you can create yourself! It’s up to you to make a chance or to make a decision. You’re hurting yourself if you wait till you reach a specific income level before adopting a new interest.

You’re hurting yourself if you use your past failures as an excuse not to take on further education. Once you make a serious decision to make a chance or welcome in new opportunities, you can change anything.


If You Don’t Try, You Can’t Grow

Nothing is holding you back, except yourself and your thoughts. Think of it this way, would you expect a pot of water to boil if you don’t turn on the kettle?

If you want to extend your horizons, you’ll need to activate your mind with a dash of “can do” attitude. Whatever it is that you want to better in your life, nothing will be able to stop you if you truly desire it.

Photographer Jing Song

We chatted with current NEIS client Feiyah Hadar about how she opened her mindset to welcome in a new opportunity that she didn’t initially expect.

Feiyah’s business is set on certain offerings and services with clients in the field of facilitating somatic integration and embodiment. However, she was recently offered a contract with the institute where she has been studying at and apprenticing with.

The contract was for content creation – essentially to build new modules for the new rounds of students. It was clear to the team at the institute that Feiyah was the right fit for the job.

Photographer Jing Song

While this contract in content creation doesn’t necessarily “fit” into Feiyah’s business description, it’s was a pathway that was too difficult to pass up. Not only was it a great prospect to showcase her expertise but provided the opportunity to be part of a respected team.

Being an entrepreneur can often mean you are simply creating on your own but by accepting a unique opportunity like Feiyah’s did, provides a whole realm of future opportunities that you might not initially expect.

It’s so important to always be open to find new opportunities that you can learn from.


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