Great sales skills are essential in a successful entrepreneur’s toolbelt.  Your sales skills will not only be instrumental in convincing consumers to make a purchase, but also when convincing people to invest in your business, provide you with a loan, or to come work for you. Whether you are a natural salesperson or are looking to brush up on your skills, Business Foundations has a list of tips you can start working on today to improve your sales techniques.

1. Practice your elevator pitch.

To be a great entrepreneur, you need to be able to deliver your elevator pitch concisely and with confidence at a moments notice. Practice your business pitch with family and friends until you know it off by heart and your delivery seems genuine and self-assured. Having others listen to your pitch whilst you practice can also allow you to gather useful feedback on how to improve and refine your pitch. If you can confidently express who you are, what you do, and why you do it, you have a far greater chance of convincing consumers to buy from you.


2. Become an expert.

After talking with you for a while, your customers will catch on to whether you are knowledgeable or not, therefore you must stay informed with the latest news and knowledge from your industry to become an expert to your customers. Being able to provide them with informed advice and answers to their questions will increase their trust in your business and their likelihood of buying from you.


3. Be genuine.

No customer ever likes feeling that they are being ‘sold’ to. To be an effective salesperson, you need to come across as genuine and that you have your customers’ best interests at heart. Whilst you may know that your offering is the best solution to your customers problem, you should guide them towards that decision with information and support, rather than using the hard sell. Customers will appreciate your help and be far more likely to support your business if they feel that you are being authentic with them.


4. Know the answers to questions or objections that customers may have.

When pitching to potential customers, they may have questions or be skeptical about what you are offering. It is important to identify any questions or objections that a customer may have and prepare answers in advance. Predicting any objections a customer may have to your offering, and having strategies prepared to persuade them otherwise, will be an effective tool in getting the sale over the line.


5. Rejections are normal, don’t get disheartened.

You can’t win over every customer you pitch to, and that’s ok. Don’t let rejection wear you down and keep on refining and improving your pitch over time. Eventually, the process will get much easier and you will be able to shake off any rejections.

Becoming a great salesperson will help you raise the profile of your business amongst customers, investors and the business community. Practicing these sales tips will help you become a confident and capable salesperson.

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