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Business Foundations


Do you have a business idea? The Federal Government funded New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) can help turn your idea into a business reality.

Are You Ready To Be
Your OWN Boss In 2021!

Starting an online business has never been easier! Are you ready to be your own boss?

For more than 30 years, the Australian Government has supported more than 175,000 Australians start their very own business. You may be suitable to apply for the New Business Assistance with NEIS Program.

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Business Foundations


The New Business Assistance with NEIS program is the Federal Government program helping people who are unemployed, on JobSeeker or welfare payments start and run small businesses, complete with training, mentoring and support.

The program is fully funded by the Australian Government and is available to people on JobSeeker allowance. If you are eligible, you will be supported while you start or restart your business, receiving income support and rental assistance while you train and grow.

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You can apply for the NEIS Program and receive the JobSeeker payment and Coronavirus supplement if you are:

  • Unemployed;
  • Recently redundant;
  • Have a business that is not currently operating;
  • Are a stay-at-home parent looking to re-start work;
  • Are a university student struggling to find full-time work;
  • Are under-employed, working fewer than 15 hours a week; or
  • Are an eligible working visa-holder

For most of these categories, you can receive the JobSeeker payment through NEIS, including the Coronavirus Supplement.

Your eligibility is the same as for Centrelink payments, and you will need to have an eligible business idea.

If you are not eligible for any Centrelink payment, but are in a category above, you can still receive free training and business support while you start a business. If you have a question, contact us here.

NEIS Praise

Behind every testimonial is an experience that matters. Take a look at what our previous clients had to say about the NEIS program.


NEIS Program Locations

NEIS can be either online or in class. If you chose to join us in class, you can check out of NEIS locations here.


NEIS Success Stories

Meet the clever people who launched their own successful business with assistance from NEIS. Catch some inspiration right here!



Business Foundations

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Our NEIS admin team are here and ready to answer any questions you may have.

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Business Foundations

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