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Business Foundations

Developing Businesses In Communities

We work with local governments, chambers and community organisations to understand and address specific needs to encourage economic development in a community.

Developing Businesses In Communities
Creating Sustainable Local Futures

A diverse small business community is a key element of community-led economic development.

Business Foundations works with community organisations and local governments to create the right environment for small businesses to thrive, creating sustainable jobs and creating equitable opportunity for local people.



Business Foundations


Business Foundations works with local governments, chambers and community organisations to understand and address specific needs to encourage economic development in a community.

This may include an analysis of the opportunities and barriers to sustainable business growth in a community and developing a strategic plan to implement.

Developing specific industry clusters, supporting the development a cornerstone project or increasing local businesses’ participation in supply chains.

Business Foundations


We also work with our partners to address the structural barriers in their communities that may be hindering the equitable access to business opportunities for all members of the community.

This can include a range of wrap-around services, such as equipping people with the skills and confidence to start their own business, improving business literacy and numeracy.

Or identifying other support services required to give people the chance to participate in their local economy.


Djarindjin Aboriginal Corporation – New Airport Business Case

Business Foundations has worked with the Djarindjin Aboriginal Corporation since mid-2018 to develop a Business Case to relocate and redevelop its airport to be the primary heliport servicing the Browse Basin. This project will be transformational for the Dampier Peninsula and the Shire of Broome, providing local, highly skilled jobs and many small business opportunities.

Onslow Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Supporting Onslow Businesses

For years, Business Foundations has been working with the Onslow Chamber of Commerce and Industry to equip local people to start and grow their businesses in the coastal town of Onslow in WA’s Pilbara region. The Chamber’s aim is to develop a thriving, diversified business community that benefits from the oil and gas industry, but is sustainable beyond one industry.

Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre – Supporting Those From Diverse Backgrounds

Business Foundations teamed up with the Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre to provide people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds with business ideas to start their own business. The program was linked to the New Business Assistance with NEIS program and included extra training support to ensure they had all they needed to follow their business dreams.


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