As business owners, we have big dreams for what we want to achieve with our business. These long-term goals often require enormous amounts of work and effort to achieve them, and chipping away at this goal can be a daunting task.

However, you can start making progress on your goals every single day by making some changes to how you look at your goals.

Set Your Daily Goals The Night Before

The benefits of setting your daily goals the night before is two-fold. This can help you get all the stress you may be harbouring for the next day off your mind before you go to sleep, and it will also ensure that you wake up with your priorities for the day front-of-mind.

Those that set their goals the night before are more likely to finish the goals they had set for the day, compared to those that wrote them down that morning.


Make To Do Lists – But Don’t Make Them Too Long

There is no better feeling on a stressful day than to scratch another thing off a to-do list. The best way to ensure that each day is productive one is to write a to-do list for the day (the night before of course!), listed in order of priority. The length of your to-do list is entirely dependent on what works for you, some like to have long to-do lists that include lots of small tasks – like making your bed – to kickstart their flow for the day.

Others, however, are overwhelmed at the sight of long to-do lists and prefer having a smaller list with more important tasks. Either way, this prevents you from forgetting any tasks you had planned for the day and motivates you to achieve your goals.


Break Down Larger Goals Into Many Micro Goals

Large goals do not map the way in which they will be achieved, instead this must be done by breaking it down into smaller, micro goals. If your goal is to expand your business and open another location, how will you get there? You can break this down into small tasks, such as writing a few hundred words for your finance applications or spending thirty minutes on researching a location every week.

By breaking down larger goals, you will get that feeling of relief by ticking another thing off the to-do list and will also be actively working towards your major goals daily.


Do The Task You Are Dreading Most First

We all know the feeling of a dreaded task looming over our heads, and it is natural to want to put off the undesirable task for as long as possible. These types of tasks can often impede on productivity for the day and cause you to spend more time on less important tasks as a form of procrastination.

If you complete your worst task first thing in the morning, your day has already been successful, because you have accomplished something important.


Setting and completing daily goals can be imperative to the long-term growth of your business. By actively working towards your major business goals daily, you are fast-tracking your business to success.

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