The Federal Government has recently announced changes to the way NEIS participants can be supported as they start their small business, or continue to operate in these unprecedented times. The changes are designed to make sure that NEIS participants can access the same financial support as job seekers.

 New Business Assistance with NEIS participants who receive a fortnightly NEIS payment will be eligible to remain in NEIS and continue to receive mentoring support from Business Foundations, but will have to submit a Change of Circumstances form to be able to register for the Jobseeker payment if they would like to receive the $550 per fortnight COVID-19 supplement from the 27th April.

If you are still in NEIS, but no longer receiving the NEIS payment (that is, you been in the program for longer than 39 weeks), then you may use your End of NEIS notification to return to Centrelink to register for the Jobseeker payment and then be eligible to apply the COVID-19 supplement.

If you are thinking of starting a small business with NEIS support, you can continue to remain on the Jobseeker payment, so that you are eligible to receive the COVID-19 supplement from the 27th April, and not have to go onto the NEIS payment.

You can still apply for the program through our website, and will receive the normal level of support from Business Foundations as you start your business and be in receipt of approximately $1,115 per fortnight.

Existing participants who are currently operating a business may be eligible for the Jobkeeper payment, if they can demonstrate more than a 30% reduction in turnover since the 1st March.  Details regarding the Jobkeeper payment have not been confirmed, as legislation needs to be passed in the Federal Parliament which has not happened as yet. Click here to get details on what the Government will present to Parliament.

Business Foundations is committed to supporting all current and potential NEIS participants in the coming weeks and months.  Although we are all working away from the office in Fremantle, please contact us via phone (08) 9336 8000 or email us here if you require any support during this time.

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