Does this sound familiar? Your business is having an amazing month. New clients are finding you, your current clients are spreading the word about your business. Things are going so well you might even have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming.

Then the next month arrives and business slows to a halt. One thing after another just doesn’t go your way.

It doesn’t take much to stay motivated when things are going well. During the not so good times, motivation and energy levels tend to slip.

It takes a lot to build a business and being motivated 100 percent of the time is not realistic. However, there are strategies to help keep those motivated levels topped up to achieve growth within your business.

Remember The Dream

Reminiscing about why you started the business is an effective motivational strategy for many business owners. Finding the heart of why you started your business plays a great part in motivating you to keep going!

The next time you are struggling to keep those motivation levels up, step back and look at the bigger picture.

Taking a walk down memory lane, is a good way to remind yourself of how far you’ve come and to see how much you’re already accomplished. Seeking inspiration for your own small business success, is powerful.


Relive Past Success

When was the last time your business hit a goal? Reached an accomplishment? Or hit a significant milestone? Spending some time thinking about the work you put in to reach the taste of victory. Those great moments can get you over the hurdle and back into action again.

By celebrating every success achieved, it’ll keep the passion burning and those inspiration levels on the rise!


Entrench Yourself In A Goal

Although lack of motivation may not be in relation to a specific goal, having one front of mind often helps to increase those motivation levels. Breaking down long-term goals into weekly or even daily action steps, the ongoing progress can help you build momentum and keep the process moving forward.

Small little tastes of victory can help business owners’ power through difficult times.  As time goes by, and with success building on success, you will be able to increase your process and start setting yourself bigger goals.


Find Inspiration Somewhere Else

There will always be others who have faced similar challenges. Spending some time understanding how they overcame these obstacles can be highly motivating. As well as giving off some creative ideas and fresh thinking.

Being a business owner or entrepreneur can be isolating at times, but you don’t have to struggle through the rough periods alone. One of the most effective things you can do for yourself is surround yourself with the right people. Ideally, they are people who know how to pick you up when you’re down and speak truth into your life.


Psych Yourself Up

Most of these methods rely on external sources, however, motivation comes from within. One of the easiest ways to get motivated is by understanding what inspires you and gets you moving. Things like favourite music, good food, positive thinking, celebrating success or encouraging mantras are a great place to start.

When you have found an activity that boosts your motivation, you have found your own personal secret to getting over the slump. Indulging in other activities that you find motivational can also drive your entrepreneurial success.

All businesses hit rough patches. You may run out of ideas, out of steam or things may not be working out the way you had planned.

No matter what decisions you make, motivation plays a huge role in turning things around.

So, what can you do to pick yourself up and get back on track?

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