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Business Foundations

Self-Employment Praise

Behind every testimonial is an experience that truly matters. Take a look at what our previous participants had to say about the program.

There are so many positive things we got from NEIS, including greater clarity on what we wanted to achieve with Blooming Mandala and how to get there.

Jennifer & Jane, Blooming Mandala

The NEIS course was incredibly useful; the lectures/mentors set you up to succeed. The info is cutting edge and the sharing of ideas just expands your possibilities. Highly recommend.

Stephen Bartely, Stephen Bartley

If you want clarity, confidence and motivation with your business; this is the place to go!!! I cannot recommend it enough for people who are wanting to start a small business.

April Porter, Marime Studio

The NEIS Program helped me understand what I needed to do to get my name out there and to stand out from the crowd.

Gemma Nugent, Sound Legal

If you have a small business, you need Business Foundations. It’s that simple. The depth of knowledge their team has is invaluable.

Gary Ribbans, Gary’s Computer Repairs

This course covers every facet of running your own business. It’s the bet thing I have done towards starting my business so far!

Clare Martin, Clare Martin Designs

My experience with Business Foundations has been nothing short of “thank god!”. When I turned up to Business Foundations, they helped me unconditionally with all of their wisdom. You don’t build business connections at Business Foundations, you build friendships.

Steven North, Steven North

Every time I meet a new person and they ask me what I do for my work, The NEIS program is always mentioned. I cannot praise the lecturer, staff and program enough. I honestly wouldn’t be running and operating my own business without the continuous support and guidance.

Natalie DevenynsFlawless Housekeeping

I don’t think I would have been able to understand the right approach to go about running and planning for my business were it not for the invaluable training I received from Business Foundations. Thanks to them, I have a very detailed business plan and a clear picture.

Glen Burnett, Thriving Web Design

I am truly blessed to have been part of this program. I have also learnt so much about myself and know that beyond the sky is the limit. If I look back to this time last year, I couldn’t have even imagined how far my business has come!

Naomi-Jo Gillis, Oh My Glittery Gosh

I highly recommend Business Foundation and the NEIS training it provides. The well-presented program was extremely well designed – just what I needed to get the confidence and clarity I needed to start my own business.

Stephen Rolls, Pot Plant Heaven Perth

Business Foundations offered us the NEIS course in such a fantastic, warm, welcoming way I can honestly say it has been life changing. Nicola’s training informed and guided me to get started and turn my dream into a reality.

Brooke Inches, Silicone Saturdays

The NEIS Program course has far exceeded any expectations I had. The content was extensive, interesting and above all extremely helpful in providing the skills to start, market and manage my business.

Michelle Nichol, Michelle Nichol Kinesiology

After completing the pre NEIS program from Business Foundations, I have no issues recommending it to everyone. I have no doubt with what I have learnt I can take and use to create a successful and profitable business.

Ryan Maloney, Wellness Pods Australia

Highly recommend Business Foundations. The NEIS program far exceeded my expectations for the business training. Great options for ongoing training, workshops & links/resources always given during the training.

Anne-Marie Johansen, Mandala Holistic Therapies

Highly recommend doing the NEIS course through Business Foundations, it’s been a really great experience and provided so much clarity on starting my business. Diana has been an excellent teacher and brought so much enthusiasm and support, I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction into the business world.

Tenneil Harris, Hellfox Design 

When I wanted to start another business I already knew NEIS was a good program so I signed up with them again. I needed more clarity on the financial viability of my business and this course has given me the tools to make that happen. It has also empowered me to step up and stand out.

Lindsey Sesin, Denmark Homegrown  


Business Foundations offers an amazing NEIS training and mentoring program to help businesses start and help them to grow with support. I couldn’t be more happy of my business achievements since I started the program and I learnt very helpful management skills from high trained and professional staff.

Lorenzo Poli, Poli Motor Trimming

Business Foundations has been so inspiring and informative to help me launch my business. Prior to these classes These classes have helped me feel confident that I am ready to launch and grow a successful business with everything that I need to know to get started! Thank you (and a special thank you to Diana for being so amazing!)

Lily Connors, Placenta Temple

I tried to start a business 7 years ago. My business was failing which is why I’ve joined the NEIS program to start fresh and to start out the RIGHT way. The pre-NEIS training was provided by Kim. She is such a breath of fresh air and has clearly made everyone in the class feel invigorated and inspired to take on the world.

Adon Blake, Panda Creative


This course was just what I needed to feel educated in aspects of small business that felt very foreign and overwhelming. I was able to identify my professional strengths and weaknesses, receiving plenty of tools to support my growth. Thank you to Kim for her mentorship in aspects deeper then just logical resources.

Rhianna Eileen, Folk Remedy


An inspiring approach to running a heart centred business. There was nothing dry about this business training as Kim guided us through the course in a dynamic, highly informative way, adding loads of humour and advice as to how to launch our businesses. I felt very supported and excited for all the possibilities ahead.

Melinda Tupling, Happy and Well Kinesiology 

I had such a wonderful experience here at Business Foundations. Blessed with our fabulous tutor Nicola who brought us on a step-by-step journey on setting up a small business. Every step so clearly delivered; it’s given me the confidence to take the leap into self-employed. Thank you so much.

Grainne Duffy, The Beauty Bureau

I found the approach at Business Foundations to be practical and informative. Nicola made every effort to keep on track throughout the course, all the while being so patient, diplomatic and thorough. I look forward to being able to apply all the new knowledge, skills and techniques I have learnt as a result of this great opportunity!

Rebecca Hepworth, Rebecca Hepworth – Visual Arts, Illustration & Design

Great quality – Great value! This service was exceptional. Our trainer Di was professional, responsive, engaging and honest. Working through the business plan each session and having “homework” meant we were making daily progress on our business ideas. Classroom setup (over Zoom) was engaging and collaborative. Particular highlight was the high level of feedback provided, it kept our business ideas in perspective and made it seem a manageable task.

Kodie Batchelor, Smiling Fox South West

I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to get some assistance starting themselves on the path to self-employment. The Team care about what they are doing and Nicola managed to navigate a large diverse group, moving effectively through the content required in an online teaching setting, while building a team atmosphere of likeminded individuals all looking out for each other while on their own Journey. Thank you for the help and also for the push where needed.

Kim Feast, Cowaramup Bay Studio

Very grateful to have just completed pre-NEIS training with Business Foundations. Di was knowledgeable, engaging and even made spreadsheets exciting! Not many folk have that capacity! I would love the training even more if it included an acknowledgment of country and considerations for how to build diversity and inclusion and access into business. I think my biggest take away was that I have a lot to learn but Business Foundations was exactly that, a great foundation to start a business from.

Erin Griffin, Erin Griffin


The training program and the follow up support from these bunch of highly skilled business mentors and trainers is absolutely priceless. I recommend any one first starting out or just needing a boost of convenience to let them help. You will not regret it!

Natasha Clark, The Wiccan Hare Gallery

I had little to no knowledge on what was involved in starting or running my own business prior to studying with Business Foundations. In an amazingly short amount of time they have given me both the knowledge and the confidence to start my business and run it successfully.

Brett Weggelaar, Lighthouse ADHD Coaching

What a great experience! Kim was so vibrant, and kept things upbeat, so never a dull moment! , and her personal experience provided confidence in her knowledge. I would highly recommend this program as it has provided me with the skills I need to run my own business. So Grateful!!!

Christina Patterson, Face Empire

I’m grateful for the NEIS program as it has provided a great, practical foundation to setting up my own business. At the end of the day, we can all learn new skills, and there is really no need to think “I could never do that” – with the right training, support and your own time and effort, you definitely can.

Louella Frost, Louella Frost


Before encountering Business Foundations training, I was trying to start a business but I had only a vague idea of what was required. After undertaking a short 4-week course I am amazed that the amount of information I needed to know but had no idea I needed to know it.

Robyne Burrows, Poshpawsaus

You can 100% feel that the coaches and mentors on the NEIS program are genuinely invested in the growth and success of their participants. I am so grateful for the guidance and teachings that have supported me in my first year of business as a NEIS participant.”

Natalie White, Studio2 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Ackowledgement Of Country

Business Foundations acknowledges the traditional custodians throughout Western Australia and their continuing connection to the land, waters and community. We pay our respects to all members of the Aboriginal communities and their cultures; and to Elders both past and present.


Melbourne Innovation Centre
2 Wingrove Street,
Alphington VIC 3078
(03) 9499 9100

Western Australia

Wesley Central
2 Cantonment Street,
Fremantle WA 6160
(08) 9336 8000

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