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Business Foundations


Cynthia Wong stumbled across a Facebook ad advertising the NEIS Program. Not long after, her very own business, Empower2Free came to life.


Education is of utmost importance… especially in childhood. Introducing a business that holds the key to young adult’s future through education. Empower2Free teaches fundamental life skills that we wish we learnt in school.

A business that offers workshops, develop programs, creative games & resources for teenagers and families. Through these, they complement academic education and encourage financial literacy as well as personal & cognitive development.

Business Owner Cynthia Wong is passionate about building up young adult’s toolboxes to tap into when they face life’s challenges.

What year did you or will you complete NEIS?

I started in 2020 and will complete in 2021.


What motivated you to start your own business?

I wanted to make a difference to our next generation, and I believed that starting my own education business to complement the academic system is the best way to make this difference.


How did you find out about the NEIS program?

I heard about it through Facebook ads.

What was the most valuable information you learned in the NEIS training?

Never say something is ‘hard’ – mindset is essential for success.


What services and/or products do you provide?

My business is called Empower2Free where we teach children and young people critical money management skills that integrate content teaching with self-awareness and life-hacks.

We run face-to-face workshops in schools and with city councils, supplemented by an online e-learning platform where learners can learn money management by topics. We also sell children’s books and card/board games that enable people to learn about money in fun ways.


What challenges have you had to face since starting your business? How have you overcome these challenges?

Learning to be uncomfortable and grow constantly while learning to pace myself and be ok that the journey is filled with up and down moments. It is like a game that I constantly have to ‘level-up’ with no end in sight! Having mentors and a support network helps. I also constantly write reminders on Post-Its notes and read a variety of books so that I remember it’s always a work-in-progress.


What have been some of the highlights of operating your own business?

Getting rejected for a grant and award on the same day that I won Judges Award for Belmont & Western Australia Small Business Awards 2021! Reminds me nothing is forever. Hearing our learners say that our training is useful and seeing them flourish with confidence in applying what they have learnt

Having the space to intentionally choose our suppliers and contractors, so that we can advocate and support gender and economic equality.


What is the one piece of advice you can give to others thinking about starting their own business?

Have resilience and grit – there are days you need to dig deep, trust yourself to keep going and get a community. I love my Pre-NEIS program group – we support each other throughout our journey.

“I couldn’t have done it without Business Foundations and many others who have supported Empower2Free. Thank you so much!”

You can learn more about Empower2Free through their WebsiteFacebook and Instagram.


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Fremantle Headquarters

Wesley Central.
2 Cantonment Street,
Fremantle WA 6160
(Level 1, Behind The Church)

PO Box 1616, Fremantle WA 6959

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