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Business Foundations

NEIS Regional Mentoring

Reporting and Mentoring Guidelines for NEIS Regional Providers.

Regional Mentoring Support

This page is developed to support the Business Foundations mentoring support team and their interactions with our NEIS clients.  We have included links to commonly used forms and guidelines to provide further context around the requirements of the NEIS Program.


NEIS Reporting

Reporting Form

Please click on the below image to submit a report to Business Foundations on your most recent mentoring interaction with a client.  This report will then be sent through to the Business Foundations NEIS team for input into ESS and will be recorded as a client interaction for billing purposes.


Mentoring Form

For a paper based version of the mentoring form, the following form can be used for the purposes of your own record keeping. We will still require that you submit the details of your mentoring interactions on the above online reporting form.


Participant Monthly Reporting Form

An option available to you for Monthly reporting purposes only is to send out to your assigned participants this link. This will take participants to an online form to complete. It is kept very simple and will be returned to Business Foundations directly for filing. We will provide you with a copy of the report once received.


Guideline Documents

NEIS is a program offered through Business Foundations on behalf of the Department of Education, Skills and Employment. As such there are specific requirements that govern our interaction with program participants to ensure eligibility. We understand that it can get complex and at times puzzling however it is important that all guidelines be followed as written.

To assist you below are several documents that outline many of the relevant guidelines that govern mentoring interactions. It specifies information requirements, time-frames and actions required for clients to remain compliant to program requirements.

NEIS Mentoring Guidelines

These are the Guidelines or Compliance Rules as defined by the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business on how clients are managed within the NEIS Program.


NEIS Participant Agreement

This is an information sheet about your NEIS Participant Agreement. The NEIS Participant Agreement is a legal contract between you and the Commonwealth.


NEIS Forms

For compliance purposes there are a number of forms required to be collected.  To make things as simple as possible we have created some standard forms for collecting the appropriate information.

Statutory Declaration

One way for clients to demonstrate they are up-to-date with their Business Insurance is for them to complete a Statutory Declaration, stating that they are covered by Business Insurance.


Quarterly Income Statement

At the end of each Quarter NEIS Participants are requested to report their income (both External and NEIS Business) for the purpose of monitoring the progress of their business.  This form also provides the basis for determining ongoing business viability. Clients may request assistance in completing this form particularly when trying to assess what is external income vs NEIS business income.


Income Statement Guide

The following is a guide for the Quarterly Income Statement Form.  This will provide you with some further context as to the information the Department is seeking each financial quarter from our NEIS participants.


Change of Circumstance Form

The NEIS Participant must let their NEIS Provider know about any changes to their circumstances, within 5 business days as this could affect their NEIS entitlement.


Mentoring Files

In order to provide effective counsel to our NEIS clients we need to provide you with the relevant information that pertains to them. Below are series of links to Dropbox accounts for each specific region. Only those invited will be able to access these files as they do contain some personal information, but by clicking the links below you should be able to gain access to the Business Plans, Financials and any other information that we are able to share about these clients.

Please select the link for your relevant region. We have kept file structures quite simple so you should be able to navigate your way around quite easily but please let us know if you have any problems.

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Fremantle Headquarters

Wesley Central.
2 Cantonment Street,
Fremantle WA 6160
(Level 1, Behind The Church)

PO Box 1616, Fremantle WA 6959

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