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Business Foundations

Amplify Course Content

Business Owners will gain valuable knowledge and practical tips on business topics such as Strategy, Finance, Marketing and Business Systems in monthly workshops.

Course Content

Amplify is ideal for business owners who want to learn to think strategically and who want to learn to plan to achieve a long term sustainable business that achieves the profitability that reflects the hard work they put into the business. To achieve this, you must align the four building blocks of business success: Strategy, Finance, Marketing and Business Systems.

We understand your lives are busy, each workshop is practically focused on driving results and gains for your business.

Business Strategy

Brian Grindrod

This workshop will assist you in developing a strategy and a road map that suits you and your business with a focus on practical steps for implementation.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Redefine your strategy for you and your business
  • Understanding who you are and how adjusting your mindset
  • Identifying why you are different and how to communicate that
  • Keeping yourself and your business on track
  • How to develop your “Plan on a Page”
  • How to operationalise your strategy


Carmelina Fiorentino

This workshop will empower you as a business owner to develop good financial management skills, make informed strategic decisions and understand the financial drivers for your business.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop good financial management skills
  • Interpret financial reports used by small business
  • Be in control of your business cash flow and profits
  • Be informed about your business ratios and what they mean
  • Develop a business budget and monitoring against actuals
  • Be aware of business risks and mitigating risks

Business Systems

Andrew Erkin

During this workshop you will learn and apply different tools to understand what happens in your business, how to free up your time, reduce costs and discover opportunities for improvement.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Observe and explain the real-world use of systems, including practical examples
  • Conduct a task audit and identify opportunities
  • Prepare a process map of a simple business process in your business


Pete Walmsley

During this workshop, you will work through a logical and powerful approach to developing a marketing strategy that grows you brand and consistently fosters understanding and preference for your products and services.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the priority target markets for your business
  • Illustrate how to build a strong brand and why this is important
  • Produce a marketing strategy for your business
  • Distinguish the various digital marketing options and tactics and identify how they relate to your marketing activities
Business Foundations

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