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Business Foundations

Business Growth Program

Ready to expand? Business Foundations will help you plan your growth to achieve long-term success. Our team will equip you to identify new markets, increase your operational capacity and recognise the potential pitfalls before they happen.

Are You Working In Your Business
Or On Your Business?

The Business Growth Program is designed to build knowledge, skills, attitudes and confidence in business owners that will enable them to scale up and grow their business. The structure of the program enables business owners to take what they learn and apply it when they are back in their businesses.

Learning in the workshops is reinforced by one-on-one mentoring and ongoing support. Throughout the program, the participants work with other businesses to explore ideas, test strategies and accelerate their progress in a unique and supportive learning environment.

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Each module includes three full day workshops and three hours of one-on-one mentoring with a professional business consultant.

Module 1: Foundations For Growth
Module 2: Branding, Marketing & Business Development
Module 3: People Management & Leadership

Business Foundations


The success and growth of any business starts with a strong strategic plan and sound understanding of the organisations finances. You also need to identify the information you need to make informed decision and monitor your success.

Workshop 1:   Business Strategy
Workshop 2:   Finance Basics
Workshop 3:   Financing Growth & Business Intelligence
Mentoring:      Three hours with a professional business consultant

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Business Foundations


Knowing who your ideal customer is and the personality of your brand are the pillars for any successful sales and marketing strategy. Once identified, you can then developing effective and targets sales and marketing activities that will deliver results.

Workshop 1:    Brand Strategy & Business Personality
Workshop 2:    Business Development & Sales Strategy
Workshop 3:    Marketing & Research
Mentoring:       Three hours with a professional business consultant

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Business Foundations


People are the key to the success of any business so attracting, hiring, and developing an effective and loyal team are essential to achieving your plans for growth. This module will also provide you will techniques and advise on how to be a great boss.

Workshop 1:    People Management
Workshop 2:    People Management & Tools For Personal Growth
Workshop 3:    Strategies For Successful Leadership
Mentoring:       Three hours with a professional business consultant

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Our approach is based on applied learning, the program focuses on the day to day problem solving needs of a business. Workshops are delivered in straight forward and easy to understand language, that is accessible for all learning levels and styles.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Participants gain confidence in their own business capabilities by learning how other business owners solve problems and deal with challenges.


Ongoing support is provided so what participants learn in the workshops can be easily implement into their business to achieve long term success.

Time Out

The program offers participant the chance to step out of their business, turn off their phones and spend time focusing on what they need to do to grow their business.


Business Confidence

Completing the program gives business owners a true feeling of assurance and confidence to know that the decisions they are making for their business are the right ones.


Our skilled presenters and mentors competently and passionately deliver the Business Growth Program. They recognise the barriers and challenges faced by business owners every day.

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Being a world leading program, we have worked with numerous business owners throughout the years. Take a look at some success stories from our Business Growth Program.

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Business Foundations

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